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Courses Offered

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Phonics Course

Teacher Training course

In depth course which is Ideal for those who are looking to learn phonics in detail and want to start their own activity center or want to teach their kids.  Ideal for Pre-Primary  & ECCEd School Teachers and Tuition Teachers. Training material and work sheet books will be provided.


Grammar teacher training course

Grammar is the advance level once you are familiar to Phonics. It is a structured side of literacy, it is more than just grammar alone.
You will learn spelling rules, punctuation, parts of speech dictionary use and the tenses past, present and future.

It provides teachers with a systematic approach to the teaching of language structure. It helps children bring diversity to their writing and improves spelling and punctuation.

Handwriting Improvement

Handwriting Improvement Teacher Training Course

This course is designed for adults to teach kids the correct skill of writing. The course is designed in very effective and easy way that the kids will enjoy the course and their handwriting will improve drastically.
After attending the training program will be able to conduct handwriting improvement classes for kids, in regular classes or in summer camp format. 

Other Courses Offered:

 - Personality Development for teachers
 - Interview Skills training